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TELROTH (TR) is an IT company in Hilden, Germany with a focus on cloud solutions and security technology. They are a privately owned business with over 50 years of experience.

Employer branding (EB) and corporate culture have become an essential part for companies to attract the younger generation. To put TR ahead of their competition I helped design and relaunch the career section of their website.

My Role

  • Supporting the lead UX designer
  • Design Research
  • Screen Design



12/2018 – 03/2019

Pain Points & Solution

TR was struggling to attract and acquire new talent for their team. Existing employees felt that their online presence didn’t reflect the corporate culture.

To alleviate these pain points we relaunched the career section of their website with a user flow focused on getting recruits to the application button. I designed the job description pages based on the design parameters set by the lead UX designer.

The heart of TR

At the beginning of the project, the employer brand was developed, working closely with the clients. The result was an abstract heart, which the Senior Art Director of Roth & Freunde designed, to represent the heart of TR. This together with their slogan (#machenistwiewollennurkrasser) became the base for all the employer branding elements. Here is an example application of the heart.


For the job description pages, I researched the best way to set up the page to guide the user to the application button. Based on my findings here is how a job description page should be structured:

  • Short but Informative description of the Job
  • What credentials are needed from the applicant
  • What the company has to offer the applicant
  • Visual presentation of Job benefits
  • What documents are needed for the application
  • Who to apply to with an image of the person


What is also more important than ever is having a mobile optimised job application site. For the smoothest application process, the website should have an option to apply with LinkedIn or Xing. This sadly wasn’t possible with this project due to the tight timeline.


Based on my research this was the wireframe I came up with:


UX & UI Design

This is the end result based on the findings of my research and the design parameters set by the lead UX designer. The copy style used helps convey the corporate culture with its relaxed tone and incorporated jokes.

See the design live at telroth.de.

  • Description of the job
    The text should be kept short but still be informative.
  • Video
    Next to the job description is an option to watch a “day-in-the-life” style video of a current employee at TR.
  • CTA above the fold
    Under the job description is a call-to-action for a faster application process. This is mainly for users that are returning to the page just for that purpose.
  • Credential description
    Under the headline “Du” (translation: “You”) is a list of credentials and tasks to give applicants an overview of what is expected of them.
  • Job offer
    The applicant gets a clear description of what the company has to offer under the headline “Wir” (translation: “We”).
  • Job benefits
    Visual representation of the job benefits with the help of icons.
  • Documents
    A clear description of which documents are required for a successful application.
  • Contact person
    Contact details and an image of the person receiving the application to make the application process more personal.